What’s churning at The Dairy

March 18, 2008

Increased interest rates, a downturn in consumer spending…daily the financial pages seem to be full of the threat of impending recession, surely not a promising prospect for local marketing budgets?

So far The Dairy is flying in the face of such expectation by picking up a record number of new business wins in the first two months of the year.

One recent account win is fashion brand Papillon Bleu. Designer Vanessa Barker, whose readywear and après beach wear collections are already stocked in showrooms throughout Europe and the Caribbean, briefed The Dairy to help present her new collection at London Fashion Week, develop a brand story, build a website and increase the brand’s presence in the fast moving and highly competitive world of high fashion. In recent weeks The Dairy has also been appointed by rising star property developers Bel Air Homes, to produce local press advertising for their developments across the East Midlandsand to produce corporate identity and launch work for European paper merchant Vision Paper. Other work is in development for clients as diverse as Cora Recruitment Limited, Star Child baby shoes and Konstsmide, leading Swedish decorative lighting manufacturer. We still seem to be known for our high profile work for Nottingham City Transport, the contunuing relationship has seen us develop a campaign for Nottingham City Council’s new Citycard which is also set to go live in the coming weeks. Here’s MD Nigel Rowlson in his own words of wisdom, “We position ourselves as offering ‘Transparent approach. Clear results’ and I think clients really appreciate that, especially when times are tight. They can be confident of getting cost-effective and creative solutions that make a real difference to their business, without any of the hot air perhaps associated with the marketing industry.

We are nothing if not versatile, happy to work with clients large or small, across pretty much every medium. We’re just looking forward to seeing more success for ourselves and our clients in 2008.” The rest of us agree Nigel (as you can appreciate he signs the pay cheques…)

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