the web moves on – again!

January 29, 2009

I went to an interesting seminar this morning on attracting more people to your web site and learnt  a huge amount. But things are moving so quickly, I feel like I ought to attend one of these presentations every week! We are doing more and more work on the digital front so it is good to keep abreast of things. I particularly like the stats that you can get to learn more about visitor activity on your site. If only I had time to go into them in real detail – suppose there’s always the weekend!

2 Responses to “the web moves on – again!”

  1. Dennis said

    Yes, we went to that too (Park Hotel?). It was I think, ‘too much, too fast’ for quite a few there. It covered all I have learned over nearly 4 years in about 90 minutes!
    It does amaze us how little most businesses actually know about all things on line, from branding to find- ability.

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