Legoland on Stream for greater water savings….

March 18, 2009

Spring is around the corner and school holidays are upon us and that means the scramble to visit to the theme park is coming and that reminded me of Stream Measurement, one of our industrial PR accounts has recently been involved in helping Legoland of Windsor in achieving water loss identification through implementing a range of secondary submeters at selected dispense points throughout the Park.  As part of Legoland’s drive to minimise waste and reduce costs, an exercise was implemented to investigate and identify the source of any leakage from the site’s supply network.  In order to pinpoint areas requiring remedial works, it was concluded that the most effective method would be a programme of metering throughout the site.

As the visitors wander through this park of excitement and thrills, they are blissfully unaware that Legoland are doing their bit for water conservation by taking a responsible and proactive approach to water consumption with this project deployment.

Stream worked closely with Engineering Consultant McKinnon & Clarke in identifying, sizing and supplying the correct meter in areas with wonderful sounding names such as Pirate Falls, Harbour and Stunt Lake and Fairy Tale Brook to name a few.

So next time you’re stood at the Fairy Tale Brook see if you can spot the meter, it’s that brass thing with dials on it!!!


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