It’s a far far better place at FarHill Farm

March 26, 2009

It’s great when you get to hear about someone opting out the rat race with a vision and actually achieving it, well that’s exactly what one of our new PR accounts has done.  In the delightful Amber Valley in Derbyshire in 2006, Lynne and Clive Millard whilst out walking their dog, saw nestling at the top of the valley, FarHill Farm and immediately fell in love with the smallholding and decided they needed to buy it.  They did just that! In 2007 they moved in , Lynne, a Probation Officer and Clive a Director for an engineering firm  took up residence at FarHill Farm and Lynne said “ what this land needs is Alpacas”.  Incredulously her husband looked on and smiled knowing the dog and Misty the cat was the nearest to livestock Lynne had had to deal with.  Lynne’s voyage of discovery began from that day, incorporating animal husbandry, land management and fleece weaving; she even helped the vet with the artificial insemination of her “ladies”. The flock currently stands in excess of 8 animals and has blossomed into a fledgling cottage industry of the FarHill Alpacas and she has now engaged Tim Riley our PR Director into launching this new brand.  What a great story of self belief, determination and taking that life changing step into the unknown… alpaca


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