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September 10, 2009

Bryony's work experience at The Dairy!

Bryony's work experience at The Dairy!

As a useful introduction to the advertising industry I have undertaken 3 days of work experience at The Dairy After a long chat with Nigel the managing director I was introduced to what he does and was impressed with the work produced and well-known clients he has worked with.

Day 1
On my first day I was taken to a meeting with Mira and Nigel with the NCT Bus company (one of The Dairy’s clients) where I got lost in the first half of the conversation. But towards the second, my mind un-boggled itself and found comfort as I thought about my (unspoken) relevant creative ideas.

Day 2
After updating contact details on The dairy’s database, Mira and I took a trip on the tram into town for some research into Fairtrade and organic products which could need some advertising. I learn’ t that a lot of this packaging is similar, tending to go with the same natural colours that we instantly refer to in our brains as organic. Later I was instructed to use the digital SLR camera to help with a new advert Shaun’s working on which was interesting, I’ve never had a chance to use a camera like that. Today I also had the opportunity to take a look at some of Shaun’s artwork which is amazing and even made me doubt my own capabilities for Art as that I’ll be starting next week.

Day 3
Today I continued to work on ‘Mailers’ and took a look at the Dairy’s website. Also today, Shaun the Art Director explained to me how the projects form. He told me about Dairy’s concept of working with the client to achieve the best work, and I can see this idea portrayed on the website and their own advertisements. The job of ‘art director’ appealed to me the most as it seems the closest to the designing of leaflets and such things. My 3 days have gone fast but I definitely have gained an insight on business and advertising. Also importantly I have gained more confidence which will be a good boost for next week, wish me luck with college!


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