Truth or Dare?

September 16, 2009


Last Thursday The dairy team sauntered down to The Designers Forum in Nottingham to attend a very interesting event by Martin Knox called ‘Truth & Spirit: consider the way that you are impacts your business & how your products are received’

This was part of the Nottingham Creative Network and proved to be an eye-opening discussion into what is really important to running a succesful business that reflects the ethos and spirit of the people who work for it. The speaker – Martin Knox has spent 25 years working with some of the UK’s best known retail groups and fashion/sports brands. He instigated and developed a multi-disciplinary design company working on all aspects of how his client companies presented themselves, their businesses and their products.  As his company grew and became more successful, its founding philosophies and values became compromised by his management team. So, in 2002 Martin decided to close it down.

Martin believes we are in a great time of change and one critical aspect of everything we do is….US. Martin shared his personal thoughts, the method behind his madness and the succesful he is now enjoying, all of which is rooted in the awareness of just how profound the impact that the creative community can have and the need to hold onto the truth of things including yourself. Below are Martin’s 4 key pearls of wisdom:

 1. Honest dishonest product
Next time you are out and about in the shops, consider the sense you have of the experience. Bypass, discount and ignore the physical and focus on the sense of place, the sense of the energy that you perceive in the products that you feel drawn to.

2. Protection.
When you sense that you are going in to a situation where there might be some threat or negativity, protect yourself before hand. Visualise yourself (or that thing that you want to protect) in a ball of white light. Observe the result.

3. Pause.
Be mindful of the space between actions. Allow yourself to take a breath.

4. What is the most important aspect of your business?
Love yourself, nurture yourself, honour yourself, allow yourself, be yourself. TRUTH and SPIRIT.

Lots of inspiration, the after taste of organic honey and a smile on our pondering faces…


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