Mira selected for the Anthony Gormley ‘One & Other’ project!

October 2, 2009


  Mira_A's photograph

This Wednesday night at 1.00am in the morning i found myself standing high up on a concrete pedastal in the middle of Trafalgar Square wondering whether i had lost my mind? This was no ordinary Wednesday night.

I was one of 2400 ‘plinthers’ (randomly selected people across the UK) that had a place on the  Anthony Gormley’s fourth Plinth as part of the ‘One & Other project’. Each ‘plinther’ gets an hour to go up and do their thing. Personally this turned out to be one of the most SURREAL experiences of my life and something i couldn’t quite believe i agreed to do, but now very glad i could be part of. Is the One and Other project live art, exhibitionism, recovering ownership of our public places, a display of  what makes us individual and human, voyeuristic, revolutionary or just plain nuts?

You decide.  http://www.oneandother.co.uk/participants/Mira_A

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