Tom’s Blog: End of week 1…

July 16, 2010

My first week has been an interesting learning curve, providing me with some valuable experience for how an agency like The Dairy operates. Having already worked in Nottingham City Transports Marketing team, The Dairy is a very different environment (not in a bad way). As an agency you see how free-lance marketeers are forging a way into the industry. Of course the guys here at the Dairy are a strong, tight-knit team but as an agency they are always looking for new partners to work alongside or people who can come in and lend a helping hand in order to prove their creative skills for mutual advantage of themselves and the company.

Nigel has sat me down this week and explained how The Dairy began, how it operates and provided some background to the company’s journey over the last 8 years. His week has been filled with meetings and deadlines so finding time to sit down with him has not been an easy task. This is, as he explained, such a positive though because it means they are attracting business even in times of financial struggle for most (and keeping Shaun, Rob, Jo and Gary very busy!).

Most of my jobs for the week have involved getting The Dairy more recognised in the wide world of Marketing, Design and Communications which is essential if they are to keep pushing forward when others may be stood still. As Nigel pointed out to me, so much of the company today is reliant on the very means of communication you will be reading this blog via; the internet. In order to lend a hand i have been updating The Dairy’s Facebook page and trying to get the company more recognised over the internet. Other sites such as BT Tradespace, WordPress, Antenna and Nottingham Creative Network have been utilized for the same purpose.

The other task i have been entrusted with is to update The Dairy’s contact list, ensuring that all their prospective clients contacts details are up to date. I have quickly learned how important it really is for Nigel and the guys to have constant contact with their clients. Making sure all the details are updated regularly is vital to their progression.

All in all it has been a throughly enjoyable week with the guys and i look forward to next week!


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