Tom writes about The Dairy’s day in Birmingham!

July 21, 2010

It is clear that the guys here at The Dairy love to keep on the move, and yesterday was no exception. Myself, Nigel and Gary took a trip to Birmingham to meet with Paul Dale at Media Division in order to catch up on any developments from a business perspective and for Paul to show a small presentation explaining how the Media operates. The presentation was more for myself and Gary’s benefit as Nigel and Paul have known each other for years. With over 30 years experience working in many areas of the Media, Paul’s knowledge is priceless for The Dairy but from a learning perspective it was vital for myself.

It is safe to say that the information and advice he shared with me will prove extremely important for my degree, explaining many aspects of Media that have not been covered as yet during my studies. The difference between Paul’s teachings and teachings from University is that his knowledge is unique, having been built up over years of experience; it is what you might call primary information. In fact it is highly likely that I will never be taught some of the jargon and wisdom he offered to us. So for this I say a massive thankyou to him for taking the time out to see us.

After the meeting the four of us then made our way to a local T.G.I Friday’s for some lunch and a chance for everyone to catch up in less business-like surroundings. Safe to say we were ravenous by this point so the meal went down very well!

After lunch, all that was left for Nigel, Gary and myself was to make our way back to Nottingham. I know for Nigel and Gary the day was extremely productive from a business point of view. On the other hand, for myself it was priceless first hand experience in coming to terms with what the Media is and how it operates. Great day out for everyone and again, thankyou for having us Paul!


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