End of week 1…

August 6, 2010

So its friday now and its  been a week  since ive started here at the dairy which feels a lot longer than that. The week has been all very new but interesting for me as i have never done any work experience relating to marketing, advertising and design. It has certainly opened my eyes to the mechanics of how a marketing communications agency works.

The first day was quite daunting for me what with all the introductions and attending a typical monday morning meeting where Nige, Gary and Sean to discuss their week and shared updates and information on current and future projects. Luckily for Nige most of his week involved sun, sea and greek ruins whilst sean and garys week remained all work related(bad times). I was also left to man the agency for an hour which wasnt as bad as i first thought as it only involved taking messages.

On tuesday I attended two meetings with Nige and Gary. One was at the Science park to discuss some signage for a new company vacating the building as well as meeting with john a regular client of the dairys. The other was a weekly meeting with Nottingham city transport which is big client of the dairys. This ran very smoothly as nige and gary seemed to have a set agenda of things to do.

The next couples of days saw me calling clients to upate details and ensure that we had correct contacts for them. This was a bit like detective work chasing numbers, checking websites, calling different departments but more importantly ensuring the information was accurate which is vital for any business.

All in all the week has got me thinking about whether i want a career in marketing and everything i have learnt at the dairy will prove priceless when i return to university where i can apply work experience to theory from textbooks .

I look forward to what  next week may bring.



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