Last week at the Dairy…

August 13, 2010

This week has been mostly quiet as most of the clients and customers go away on their annual summer holidays far away from the miserable rain we’ve had all week.

I have continued to update clients details aswell as updating the social networking sites The Dairy have accounts for and in particular Facebook. Ive also been researching costings for uniforms for a client which is quite fun but me being an impatient person annoying at times when waiting on emails with a quote.

Describing the two weeks in three words….

Informative and Challenging yet Relaxed…

Best Bits?…

Going to meetings and working on live projects with Nigel and Gary.

Worst Bits?…

Getting up before my usual 12pm start to the day.

I know feel like i have found out more about the world of marketing and what paths i could choose to take in my career path. All in al i have had a very positive experience and  two weeks spent at The Dairy has taught me alot.  I think back to some of my modules at university and now see why they are so important in business.

 Big thanks to Nigel and especially Gary who has helped me out along the way and made my experience here an enjoyable one.


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