Confused Lawyer arrives at The Dairy

August 19, 2010

Charlotte (me) is a recent Cambridge Law graduate, and has arrived at The Dairy (via a McDonalds breakfast). I’m enjoying the fact that that I have not been asked to do anything lawyerly. As a disillusioned lawyer I’m looking to pursue a career in fashion buying or merchandising. As a quick plug if you are reading this and would like a free friendly assistant for a couple of days please comment…I am very flexible and hard working and at an unemployed loose end.

The lovely Nigel, a close family friend, agreed to let me come in for a couple of days to get a feel for a business that mixes commercial marketing skills with creative ones. Gary and Nigel have given me a very warm welcome and after a brief I have been researching some ideas for a competition that will be linked with a new client campaign and now I am (as you can see) trying my hand at blogging.

I’m only here for three days – as a new graduate I am still a bit lazy so off on holiday to Hong Kong next week, so I will try my darnedest to utilize the time I have hear and help out in anyway I can.

I will update with tales of my experience on Monday and I hope that everyone that reads this has a lovely weekend.


One Response to “Confused Lawyer arrives at The Dairy”

  1. Kathryn said

    I am in need of a friendly fashion assistant for my new work wardrobe… I shall be requiring your services post-dissertation! Kathryn 😀

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