My experience at the dairy

August 23, 2010

My time at the dairy is drawing to an end and so it is time to reflect on what has past.

I have had a brilliant time and would like to thank Nigel very much for having me and showing me how the business is run.

I would like to thank Gary for putting up with my awful taste in music on the car trips and the fact that I occasionally sang along.

My highlights were; being given permission to go to Hobbycraft to research materials for a presentation portfolio to be made; and going to Phoenix Square in Leicester as Gary’s chauffeur and photographer. (As a little plug if you are in Leicester there is a lovely independent cinema at Phoenix Sq.).

The only less than dandy part has been the early mornings – a common sentiment of the student interns it seems.

I have learnt a lot and the experience has confirmed in my mind that I need creative as well as commercial in my work; something that Law didn’t offer me.

I have become a blogging convert and am going to set up my own, so if you have enjoyed my ramblings, never fear, this is not the end of them!

I have done quite a lot of temping in my time and worked in all sorts of sectors and offices, and this has been a comparatively marvellous experience. Everyone has been so friendly and they are so clearly brilliant at what they do – if I had something I needed marketing or needed branding I would use them…maybe Nige will give me mates rates to market me so I might find employment.

Thanks again, and I will continue to read the blog…see if anyone continues my fact for the day tradition.


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