First week at The Dairy

August 27, 2010

The first week of my internship at The Dairy is coming to an end.
Firstly I would like to thank Nigel for taking me on as an intern although i was quite late applying…..
My first week here has taught me a lot and this is what it has mainly consisted of:

Learning about the operations of a business on a day to day basis, Nige shown me the process the business must go through to complete a job for a client and how all information is stored within the business.

Researching products for a client that would be given away at a school trip to the children.

Contacting suppliers regarding these products, bartering about prices and trying to get them to meet the tight deadline that was in place.

Learning to wake up in the morning, which at times was very challenging….

Conducting market research for a client to find out what the customers thought of the business and how they could improve.

Testing and proof-reading a website to ensure all the features are working correctly and all the information is correct.

Ordering prizes for a competition that a client had run and delivering it to them.

I also learnt how to wash the pots….

I would like to thank Nige and Gary for welcoming me into the business and making my first week enjoyable but at the same time interesting as i had heard some internships were very dull…..

I am looking forward to my next week at The Dairy and what it may bring.



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