4:30… eurgh! (The alarm clock rings)

September 6, 2010

The first thing on my mind was that in less than 5 hours I will be in the real working environment. No selling furniture or fish and chips. No, I will be working alongside professional marketers. That and the sausage roll I ate earlier was turning my stomach on the train ride from Crewe to Nottingham. After 4 trains and a tram I finally made it to the Dairy.

 As I stepped into the alien building I was pleasantly surprised, acquainted by Nigel and Gary, I felt at ease.  Expecting to be thrown in to a crazy environment I was stunned to find it to be so laid back.  

With not having much experience in the marketing environment I thought I’d be taking a back seat watching others and learning from them… I was wrong, so wrong! It was great! Nigel called us over to the drawing board to talk through the tasks needed to be carried out through the week; he called upon me for my opinions on some of the current projects being carried out. The ideas I gave were taken on board and I already have tasks that need to be competed.

GREAT NEWS… I’m allowed to use their iMac =D

NOT SO GREAT NEWS… 4:45 start tomorrow =/

Thankfully after just one day at the Dairy I know my future career lies in marketing. The passion and dedication that Nigel and Gary share for their profession shines through in the work produced and I too hope to achieve similar outcomes in my career.

Losing my blog virginity has been quite fun and I will keep you up to date on my experience at the Dairy. I’m excited to be getting stuck in and can’t wait for the challenges ahead!

 Im off to find out whether you can get personalised wooden chip forks to help promote the tram will let you know if Im successful…

 Vicky… (Marketing, Design and Communication student at Nottingham Trent University)


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