It only feels like minutes since i wrote the last blog…

September 10, 2010

  Okay, so my first week at the dairy is sadly coming to an end and it has flown by! This week has shown me a lot and has proven extremely useful.  Here are just a few activities I have taken part in…

Ear wigging in on a meeting with Nigel and a potential client was very interesting, I was able to witness for myself what it would be like in future when working with my own clients. I can’t wait to see what the dairy has produced for the client, because the ideas sounded great.  

One activity was carrying out some market research by phoning old clients to find out how they found the service which was very relevant to my future career although it did prove difficult at times. 

I also had to ensure the database system was up to date this wasn’t the most exciting job but it has made me realise that in this line of work contacts are very important and that they must be updated constantly. 

One of the BEST things working at the dairy is getting the chance to see what’s been created and proof reading through it. The ideas are great and it has given me such a wider scope of ideas for future reference. 

I would like to thank Nigel and Gary who have welcomed me into the dairy and made me feel like part of the crew. Big thanks to Nige for explaining all about the business to me. And a big thanks to Gary for the Disney tunes played earlier today! 

I don’t know what’s in store for the next week but that what make it so exciting at the dairy. Speak to you all soon… 



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