The Future of Marketing

October 12, 2010

Yes – quite a big topic for a Monday evening lecture but one that the local branch of the Chartered Institute of Marketing coped with quite well with guest speakers Ann Stanley and Charles Nixon at Nottingham University last night.

Ann covered a lot of the hot issues within social networks right now and how quickly things are changing. This of course is not all about Facebook (although most of it is!) as she explained some of the finer techniques of targeting through pay per click advertising.

Charles took a more cerebral look at what is happening out there and gave some great examples of how the world is getting even smaller than we thought it was. He also pointed us at some great reference sites such as and reminded me that I should read more Seth Godin!

However, they did both sum up by saying that marketing is still about understanding the customer…. phew!!!

I understand that the slides from the lecture will be available to download from the CIM web site today.

It was also good to bump into and have a chat with Peter Wood who was a colleague on the Nottingham branch CIM committee some years ago.  Nige

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