New Arrival

November 1, 2010

Guten Tag (engl. Hello)

I wanted to introduce myself as I am going to be with The Dairy for the upcoming five months.

I am studying Business Administration with Marketing as one of my core subjects in Dresden, the capital of Saxony. I just have to write my thesis and then I will be finished. I felt that it would be a good idea to go abroad and gain new experience. The Dairy was obviously a good choice because they welcomed me with a bottle of Champagne. So I am looking forward to the things to come. 🙂

This is actually my first time in Great Britain and I really like it. I am an open-minded and ambitious person and I have already tried the English breakfast and Fish & Chips.
I am looking forward to meeting you either in person or over the phone. So please do give me a call if you like. I would be happy to have a little chat.

Sense of achievement today:
1. Successfully picked up the phone. It rang once: An automatic voice …………
2. Making an improvement already by solving the secret about the window grill keys.

On my first day I had also some good learning’s:
1. The z on the English keypad has a different position than the z on the German one. (Y and Z changed places). So please excuse anz errors occurring :-).
2. English cookies and cakes are verz delicious.

Hope to get some more of these pleasant experiences this week.

Best and Cheers,


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