Greener Housing– the way forward

February 3, 2011

Hosted by

Yesterday we were invited to be a part of the panel discussion between Dairy client Blueprint Regeneration, represented by Nick Ebbs, Mark Gillott (Institute of Sustainable Energy Technology at the University of Nottingham), Julian Marsh (Marsh Grochowski architects), Jacquelyn Fox (Barratt Developments) and Nick Martin (Hockerton Housing Project).

They discussed opportunities and challenges of creating greener housing in Nottinghamshire and the lessons learned from the construction of the new Green Street housing development in The Meadows.

As The Dairy handled all the marketing communications work for the Green Street project including branding, web site, sales brochures and all signage, we are highly into the topic of greener housing. Furthermore, The Dairy encourages an environmentally responsible culture and behaviour (some of us walk to work every day) and with regard to future energy scarcity this topic is highly newsworthy.

Greener housing definitely has a future as the sales figures show. All released Green Street houses are either sold or reserved. So we are looking forward to phase 3 of the project and more of the same from Blueprint.


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