Boots – Moving Forward

March 15, 2011

The dairy attended an interesting lecture last night at Nottingham University given by Alex Gourlay the Chief Exec of the Health & Beauty Division of Alliance Boots.

Clearly, there are sweeping reforms working across the NHS and the wider health sector – and Boots is right up there with its thinking (and doing). They have been trialling all sorts of add on services to their stores and community pharmacies in recent years to ease the burden on GP’s and local health practices. Some of these (that are commercially viable) are now starting to see the light of day and will surely push Boots on to be very much part of the patient facing and delivery side of the healthcare business – a long way from just selling Nurofen!

Alex Gourlay of Alliance Boots


One Response to “Boots – Moving Forward”

  1. Graham Sharp said

    I’m pleased that Boots has been looking to find ways of developing its healthcare business after a long struggle. BTW, I assume that by “to ease the burden on GP’s and local health practices” you mean “to see what add-ons will make some money”?

    But the ‘sweeping reforms’, that many see as just a privatisation/cost cutting agenda, might just be running into trouble as – in addition to many vocal GPs opposing the ‘reforms’ – the British Medical Association has now voted in favour of calling for ministers to withdraw the health bill (and, according to the BBC at around noon today, is calling for Lansley to resign).

    I really hope Boots can find success whatever the political circumstances do to the healthcare market

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