Are you managing the tweets correctly?

March 25, 2011

Social media is nowadays more that just a buzz term as Twitter and Facebook have been becoming enormously popular in recent years. Almost everybody tweets and uses Facebook in some way. Consequently businesses attention is drawn to these channels which provide an opportunity to influence the company’s reputation positively. The problem is: Not every tweet is as sweet as it sounds. Especially employees in bigger companies are using Twitter to air their grievances.

Social networking is a love-hate-relationship: On the one hand, companies encourage their employees to network so that they can establish new world-skills. Employees are seen as brand ambassadors when tweeting about a product. Their credibility is very high because they know their product. But Twitter also implies danger: Losing secrets to rivals or the corporate embarrassment of employees tweeting in an inappropriate way. Some companies try to limit this by coming up with “social computing guidelines”, others use alert services to see latest news about their company or brand.

Social media is great, because it is growing and provides a lot of opportunities for businesses. On the other hand not every post or tweet is as value-adding as it should be.

How are you managing your tweets?



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