Linda says tschüss to the dairy and the UK

April 1, 2011

What kind of furry or fabric letters are out there? What is the current world record dragging a bus? Could a logo bug have the shape of an armadillo?

These were only a few questions Nige asked me during my internship with The Dairy. But I dealt with so much more than those questions. I have tirelessly strived to improve Nige and Gary’s German – which worked in a way. They know what “Dummkopf” means (idiot), “raus” (out), “Kartoffelstampfer” (potato masher) and “Prost” (cheers). I guess they would do very well when they would visit Germany (if not – they know who to call). I learned that English people really like their tea and cookies (I tell you, the cookies in the cookie jar have gone quick), that they indeed always ask “How are you?”, that they have a post system with 1st and 2nd delivery, that the international rumours about the weather are true (there have been maybe 5 days with sun from November until the beginning of March), that the British landscape is very beautiful – even in winter and what the typical English expressions are that you need to know for your daily routine: gravy, mickies, taffs, knefast (means wicked) ;-).

The internship was a demanding yet interesting challenge. I learnt that communication and time management skills are very important because I dealt with customer enquiries, worked as an interface between them and our creative team and handled a few project simultaneously. Apart from that I carried out research activities, wrote press releases and prepared presentations. I was heavily involved in social media activities and networking opportunities. I managed the day to day office activities to ensure a smooth running of the work flow. One of my favorite tasks was the planning and execution of the monthly e-mail marketing campaign which maybe a few of our customers and friends enjoyed every now and then (at least I hope that). I could always make suggestions which have always been adopted.

Now at the end of my internship I am so much wiser because the time at the Dairy was an invaluable experience. The 5 months have flown by and I was entrusted with so many, exciting things to manage other interns could only dream of. So a big THANK YOU to Nige, Gary, Jo, Cal and Shaun for having me. It was a lovely time and I will definitely tell everybody who wants to hear it that the British are indeed very funny, very polite and very hearty.

All the best,

By the way: 1. There are pale pink gingham, mulit-coloured spots, swirly hearts and many more fabrics available for your personal fabric letter message.

The latest world record with regard to dragging a bus is hold by Manjit Singh who dragged a double-deck bus 70 feet with his hair (he must have good hair conditioner though).

And yes, you can have an armadillo shaped logo bug. If you are looking for something else you can take the following shapes for granted: ladybird, bee, cow, dog, cat, frog, mouse, horse, donkey, lion, dragon, pig, elephant, duck, worm, ant, tiger, squirrel, rabbit, panda, koala, crocodile and so on and so forth … (Just leave it to The Dairy to come up with a nice brand character …)


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