1st Day Thoughts: Good Things to Come

April 19, 2011

After my first day I’m back home considering what to write in the first blog of my brief tenure as “intern” official. Perhaps I could mention the two main guys at The Dairy, Nige and Gary, both of whom have been so accommodating and kind in their welcoming of me, or perhaps the nice feel of the office here – a working environment most pleasant compared to some I’ve shared in the past, like having to be outside during the big freeze of 2010 in December. If good homes breed good people then surely a good office will birth some impressive ideas here at The Dairy.

I had the opportunity to attend a meeting today and scribble down some furious notes, which was interesting, and I enjoyed seeing the sort of cutting point of the work-creative dynamic that exists in this industry in multi-coloured real life rather than a book. It’s great to get these tangible experiences from opportunities like these, so it was naturally a real surprise on my first day here.

I feel I’ve got to grips with some of the processes, and I’m pleased to report my voice didn’t break too much when answering the phone for the first time or two, but there’s certainly plenty to build on in the coming days, and I’m looking forwards to improving and learning.

So, come the end of the day my Kantian thoughts are as follows:

  1. It’s certainly different to the world of film and television where I’ve worked on and off again for the last few years. There’s no wild actors or distraught “auteurs”.
  2. If all dairies were The Dairy cows would realise there’s more to life than rumination and possibly take over the world.

Best Wishes,



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