Deja vu with Nigel and Jo!

May 4, 2011

Can it really be nearly 11 years since I last worked with Nigel and Jo at the ad agency in Leicester?

Yes, me, a young whipper snapper of 25, just beginning in the heady, glamorous (!) world of PR, Jo, a cool, trendy young mum of little George, who did all sorts weird and wonderful creative things in the eclectic-object filled office on the ground floor, and Nigel, the young, dynamic (honestly, he didn’t pay me to say that!) account director who always seemed to operate at a hundred miles an hour, never sit still for a second, and who was instrumental in teaching me a rugby drinking game that involved thigh-slapping and consequential bruises! (Don’t ask…)

And do you know what? Things haven’t changed much since the year 2000! We have a few more kids between us, and probably slightly heavier bags under the eyes, but I’m still in the public relations game (venturing into the freelance world), Jo is still a cool, trendy creative type (how does she do it? My coolness disappeared the minute I had my first daughter…if it was ever there to begin with…) and Nigel is STILL running round at a hundred miles an hour, charming his way into meetings, winning business and doing a blummin’ good job for satisfied clients.

It’s great to work with them again – supporting clients and helping spot new opportunities. I’ve missed their energy and professionalism, and, give or take a decade or so, it feels exactly the same! What a lovely feeling of Deja vu…



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