Hello and Goodbye Simultaneously!?!

May 27, 2011

No, I don’t have access to a TARDIS, I just couldn’t think of anything to write on my first day here!
I’ve been told by people who know me that I’m a man of few words.
I guess it must be true.
Knowing me if I’d have done a post on my first day it would have just ended up as
“Hi, I’m Paul and I’m here all week”.

Unfortunately it’s my last day here at The Dairy. 😦
(I could only get 1 week off from my dull retail job)
What can I say about this past week?
Well first thing is, before this week I hadn’t seen 6am this side of the day for a long time.
I didn’t really know what to expect from this week.
I got a warm and friendly welcome and by the end of the first day had been made to feel completely comfortable. 🙂
The Dairy manages to make a fast paced environment seem effortless.
I guess thats what you get when you find people who are good at what they do.
The main thing I will take from this experience is what I’ve learnt about workflow,
and how important (and relatively simple) efficiency is and can be.
With the right tools, plans and organisation you can concentrate on getting stuff done,
Quickly and Efficiently.
Everybody seems to be doing at least 3 things at once most of the time,
and still manage to add one more and answer my questions!
I’ve probably learnt more by osmosis as well without even realising.

All I can say is,
I’ve enjoyed my time here,
and if I managed to get a job with a similar agency I’d be a pretty lucky guy.



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