Back again!

June 7, 2011

It is hard to believe that nearly a year has passed since I was last sat in this chair posting my last blog. I must say it is great to be back! University has finished for a second year so it’s time to put the suit on and get out there into the world of work experience!

I’m currently writing this on my second day, already having plenty to write about. At this moment in time, the order of the day involves the words ‘Jonathan Aston’. When I vacated the building last year there was much excitement around the office involving this well-regarded clothing brand. Now the relationship between The Dairy and the Melas Group, (the company who own the Jonathan Aston brand name), has flourished, resulting in more work streaming in for the guys here to get their teeth into. To be connected to such a high-end brand only emphasises how the guys here are really going places and achieving real success.  My role in all this so far over the past 24 hours has been to act as a link between ourselves, the web build team and the Melas group. The current project is to create a new website for Jonathan Aston and it is very close to going live. Myself and Nigel had a telephone conversation with Melas yesterday to discuss alterations which need making to the site and safe to say I have never taken so many notes in an hour before! I thought exams were tough on hands… I was mistaken!

Other jobs on my agenda for the forseeable future include working on a classic cars website, advertising some furniture on the web for the guys here as well as sorting out their accounts on Twitter, Facebook and RAR.

I am thoroughly glad to be back working for Nigel and Gary again. The Dairy is still one of the best working environments you will ever find and not just because Jamiroquai followed by Take That have just been playing on the radio!

Until my next point of interest,



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