Fresh at The Dairy

June 23, 2011

After my second year studying Psychology at the University of Nottingham I was ready for my first peek into the wondrous world of advertising and marketing at an agency…

Day One at The Dairy and I begin familiarising myself with the agency’s previous work. Half an hour later I’m told to research an ongoing client’s work in 6 minutes so I have some background for a briefing taking place in half an hour. The deadline for the project is two days later on Wednesday. The pace is engaging. Whilst we get some specifications for the client’s proposal pack, it is confirmed that I am not a mere ‘work experience person’, of whom the exact responsibilities cannot quite be gauged, but a fully fledged intern.

My first couple of days here have involved some brilliant insight into the role of account handler at a creative agency – forming initial briefs, translating this into something a designer can work with and finalising last minute details in time for (often, tight) deadlines.  Already, I’ve worked with a number of exciting projects from perfecting the last touches of the Jonathon Aston and Charles Hawkins websites to researching new initiatives for upcoming campaigns with eco-friendly developers Blueprint, who have a new and exciting development on the horizon. Projects run smoothly alongside one another and at the same time The Dairy embarks upon an initial brief for a retail designer looking to make a promotional video and various other ventures.

The week holds promise of plenty of involvement in all aspects of the business from understanding clients needs and forming a brief through to working closely with designers and copywriters to execute, forming the link between client and creatives. I’m looking forward to every minute.

From the farm where ideas are harvested,



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