Greenpeace strikes back at the VW empire

July 19, 2011

a long time ago….Greenpeace launched its campaign to turn VW away from the ‘Dark Side’.

Greenpeace claim that the Volkswagen Group (Europe’s largest car manufacturer) is threatening the Earth by refusing to back energy laws imposed to reduce global CO2 emissions and the dependence on oil – measures they say are critical in order to save our planet.

The social media campaign (protesting against car manufacturer Volkswagen’s allegedly poor environmental record) follows on from the hugely successful Darth Vadar parody ad- “the force” screened during the superbowl half time show – some of the most expensive slots in advertising!

A guerrilla marketing stunt designed to coincide with the digital campaign saw  environmentalists dressed as Star Wars Stormtroopers take over Old Street’s Silicon Roundabout, London.

Climbers scaled the structure above the roundabout hijacking advertising hoardings paid for by Budweiser and Schweppes to display an image of Star Wars’ Darth Vader sporting the VW logo and reads “Volkswagen. The Dark Side.”

The  aforementioned viral ad has since been removed by YouTube because of a copyright dispute with Star Wars maker LucasFilm.

Volkswagen expressed surprise at the criticisms levelled by Greenpeace and defended its environmental record stating that the group’s range boasts over 20 models that emit less than 100 grams of CO2 per kilometre.

Greenpeace’s decision to stage the stunt in an area know as London’s technology hub ensured extensive coverage in the Twittersphere – Old Street, Stormtroopers and #vwdarkside became hot trending topics.


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