Reinvention of the Milk Bottle

August 15, 2011

Following the fairly recent invention of  ‘Jugit’, which is essentially milk in a bag and sold alongside a specially designed reusable jug called ‘Jugit’, Dairy Crest has now reinvented the traditional milk bottle design.

The new design differs only slightly from the standard bottle, yet uses 15% less plastic, it’s crucial features include rounded corners and a repositioned handle. Dairy Crest claim that these adjustments to the milk bottle make it more stable, easier to pour, as well as being more environmentally friendly.

The 1.2 million Dairy Crest home delivery customers will recieve the new Country Life milk bottle, alongside a rollout to it’s retail customers over the coming months.

Look out for more interesting dairy facts from The Dairy (who else!) in the future…..


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