The art of using slogans!

September 1, 2011

Brands today are a remarkably powerful tool in the current market, with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Hilfiger, Levi’s and Barbour to name just a few. Shops are seen to have people paying outrageous amounts of money essentially for a badge and a very basic item of clothing, when something that is non-branded and the same style is often less than half the price and just as good quality.

There are many different theories to why the public tend to pay the extra for a branded name, some may see it as a sign of wealth, some may genuinely prefer the way a specific brand is produced, or some may to fit in with the crowd. It’s rather like that old Peter Kay joke about Rola Cola, how it is essentially seen as a poor mans Coca Cola. How many people do you think now will not admit to buying Rola Cola?…that’s if it is still around. This blog however, focuses on the study of slogans and whether slogans have an impact on what you buy and spend.

Walmart have the slogan ‘Save Money. Live Better.’ However, some surprising research, taken place in Miami, Hong Kong and Berkeley, happens to show those who were exposed to the Walmart brand alone tend to spend less in store, whereas those who were exposed to the slogan of Walmart, ‘Save Money. Live Better.’ actually spent more, despite the slogan having the phrase ‘Save Money.’

After a second piece of research took place, it becomes clearer, as it was revealed that the public tend to spend more money where the brands have slogans that are advertising savings of some form similar to that of Walmart or Iceland which advertises with the slogan ‘More for your money’. On the other hand, in stores with slogans that are not advertising savings, consumers are likely to spend less money.

This clever marketing technique of advertising savings is merely a way of increasing sales as apposed to having concern for their customers back pockets, and as research has proven, the strategy seems to work in favour of the brand. Maybe it’s time to pay attention to slogans more as a brand and a business, it proves to be a great marketing tool that deserves more credit than it necessarily gets.


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