“You don’t know how to drive properly ‘til you’ve had your first accident…touch wood”

September 2, 2011

Its like my old dad says, “you don’t know how to drive properly ‘til you’ve had your first accident…touch wood”, well in my case it’s been five accidents in five years, I don’t think he touched wood. Anyway, it works in a similar way to businesses; you don’t know how good they are until something goes wrong with a customer, do they fob you off? Or do they fix the problem in rapid time with fantastic service?

A great example of how it is done properly is John Lewis, nothing seems to be a problem, even when the mistake is not their fault, they turn the issue round as quick as possible and ensure you have the correct item, with a smile to follow, and more often than not turning you into a loyal customer who will always go back. However, it has been known for companies to treat their customers in quite the opposite fashion.

From looking at a Harris Survey reported by the Mediapost, it shows how important the internet has become for businesses in terms of customer service. 18% of people who published a negative review or complaint received a reply which happened to turn them around into loyal customers. 70% of which then reposted a positive report or deleted their original complaint.

It shows that companies should be keeping an eye out on a range of sites on the internet, particularly social networking sites and not just their own forums to see who is saying what about them, and any negative vibe’s, they should try to redeem themselves. This would also prove to be a much more cost effective way of generating new business as apposed to advertising. The quicker a business tackles a person’s complaint, the more likely they will generate new business from else where, as others will see and admire their attempt to solve a problem, however, if a complaint is left unanswered, people pick up on this and see this as a negative. People talk, and word of mouth is a huge tool used in the right way, if used in a negative way, well……..



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