Bigger brains = social success (Social networks? It’s all in your head)

August 19, 2012

How capable of being social a person is can be revealed by a brain scan. A study from the Northeastern University in Boston has found that amygdala volume  might indicate how large or complex your social network is. Results showed that individuals with larger amygdalas were shown to have more friends and more complex social networks.

What is not yet known is the nature of the cause/effect relationship. Do big amygdalas enable one to build bigger networks of friends? Or does having a large number of friends actually influence the size of the amygdala?

While you likely won’t be able to get an fMRI scan of your next social media expert’s brain, this is fascinating research – it actually demonstrates a link between the size of a specific brain structure and differences in human behavior.


marketing – design – web – pr – social media


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