November 12, 2012

So…. Hello!

I’m Siobhan (Not pronounced phonetically) and I have recently moved to Nottingham from Coventry for a bit of a change of scenery. The team at The Dairy have kindly let me join them for some work experience. I have my tasks to crack on with and thankfully ‘making the coffee’ is nowhere to be seen. I can’t stress enough, how poor my coffee making abilities are!

I was previously working at Cogent Elliott on the Jaguar account; maintaining and updating the website for all 26 countries. I really enjoyed this role as it was fast paced, I worked with a great team and I could see the future releases before anyone else.  I’m not a car person but my, do I love a shiny new Jag!

There was a very big team at Cogent, which was great but I’m very interested to see how an agency on a smaller scale operates. So far, no one has argued over the radio which is a nice change.

Hopefully, I can bring a little bit of something to the Dairy as a thank you for keeping me away from daytime TV and X factor reruns! #Rylanstyle.

Oh, and I have a cat called Mogwai who I love more than anything in the world.

Will post again soon… and hopefully I will have no coffee accidents to report on!

Siobhan x

marketing – design – web – pr – social media


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