Hello from Marianne! :)

November 26, 2012

Hi there everyone 🙂
My name is Marianne and I’ve just started two weeks work experience at The Dairy. For the benefit of your imaginations, in case you’re wondering who this new girl is, I will tell you a bit about myself. I’m 19, a girl (I’d hope it’s obvious from my name, but just to be sure!) and I study English at the University of Nottingham. You should hopefully be able to see a picture of me here at the office giving The Dairy a big thumbs up (Y).
Now then, I should probably tell you a bit about what it’s like here at The Dairy and what I will be doing. It wasn’t the best start ever to be honest, bearing in mind I arrived for my first day about twenty minutes late, freaking out that I’d made a horrible first impression and would be in everyone’s bad books before I’d even started.  Even though I’m at uni now and haven’t been in school for nearly two years, I still expect to get in trouble for being late. So I was pleasantly surprised when, after a rather stressed explanation of the road-works and traffic that caused my lateness, Nigel didn’t tell me off. Success!
I’m delighted to say that I have been given my own desk space, which means I now officially feel like a working woman. I think though, since I’m only here for two weeks, I’ll hold off on filling my wardrobe with sharp power suits and briefcases! I have a list of jobs to do while I’m here, and they all seem pretty exciting to be honest. So far today I have been creating a facebook page, which is possibly one of the best things ever to do on work experience. Spend all day on facebook? Yes please!  I’m a little disappointed that the stereotypical work experience job of ‘make tea’ is nowhere to be seen on my list of jobs however, because I’m a girl who loves a nice, warm cup of tea – especially in this horrible weather! I am somewhat reassured though, because I have already enjoyed several cups of tea in the one and a half days that I’ve been here.
Everything is all very new and exciting at this stage, if a little overwhelming. Everybody seems really nice though, and luckily for me there aren’t too many names to remember! I’m hoping that, after my bad start, things go a lot more smoothly from now on. If I get the chance later on I will try to let you know, but for now that’s all from me!



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