Nottingham Apprenticeship Hub Launch

November 29, 2012

Thanks to Confetti Media Group @confetti_ICT who last night hosted the launch of their own Creative and Digital Media Apprenticeship alongside Nottingham City Councils Apprenticeship Hub Launch. It was a well run affair with a lot of the city’s leaders in the room and presentations from Sir John Peace (Experian and Burberry) , Employment and Skills Councillor Nick McDonald, Karen Woodward from the National Apprenticeship Service and Craig Chettle from Confetti. Alison Whitlock – Head of Apprenticeships at Confetti wrapped the evening up. The aim is to get 1,000 young people into an apprenticeship over the next 3 years. I was impressed by the pro-active nature of all concerned – particularly the City Council who have a dedicated team to push the initiative. I chatted at length about the needs we have at the dairy and we may have some news on a new apprentice shortly…. Nige

the dairy

marketing – design – pr – web – social media


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