May 1, 2013

I’m Adam I will also be part of the dairy team over the next few weeks! I came to the dairy in early January eager, and hoping for the right placement to gain some great experience. I was very grateful to be accepted on a six week placement. I’m currently a third year student at Nottingham Trent but in my second year on a Business and Psychology Degree. Thankfully I changed course early on from sport to my course now; the other course just wasn’t quite right for me and felt I could achieve more in the exciting world of business!

I’ve loved my three years at Trent and really enjoyed my course. But I realise the importance of experience to go with a degree. Luckily I’ve had quite a bit of work experience, as I’ve worked from the age of 14, but I lacked the experience in the business environment, until I got to the dairy.

I currently work part time for the Lee Westwood Sports centre, which is Trent’s sport facility; I’ve worked there for nearly three years now and have to say that it’s a great place to work and a challenging environment with over 2,000 members. I’ve worked in bars and restaurants over these three years during my summer and Christmas breaks from University. I also worked for The Holiday inn Plymouth from the age of 16 – 18 whilst at college; I was quite glad to see the back of that job!

I’ve had a great few weeks so far at the dairy and gained some valuable experience, I now understand that you can learn more working for a business than sitting in a Lecture theatre. I hope I can have a positive impact on the dairy and contribute to the best of my ability and enjoy these coming weeks as much as I’ve enjoyed the past few.




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