Samsung’s Latest Addition

May 23, 2013


It’s always frustrating when you buy the latest phone and then a few months down the line, Boom! An updated version of your phone comes out and immediately out dates your snazzy new handset. This is exactly how i felt when i saw the release of the new Samsung Galaxy 4. After doing some research into the product my jealousy only grew.

The S4 was released a few weeks ago and has already broken the 10 million sales mark within its first month, 20 days earlier than it’s predecessor model the Samsung galaxy S3 did. Samsung predict that the total number of Galaxy S4 handsets available will span to 327 operators in 155 countries by the end of June, again beating all of its predecessors.

As with all new smart phones, the S4 has a 4G network feature, which has been sweeping the nation recently and making all 3G feature phones look like a fossil. But it wasn’t the 4G feature that caught my eye, it was the new ‘Group Play’ feature which allows you to connect with other S4 devices and either share music, games, pictures, and even documents .  With this feature you’ll be able to play games against your friends on your separate phones, which could be ideal for those long holiday flights this summer.

The smart phone market is one of the most interesting to watch at the moment, with Samsung and Apple going head to head. But lately even loyal iphone users are swapping for the Samsung. Disappointed with the updates to the iphone 5 the general feeling on the web is that Samsung might be about to overtake Apple as the smart phone superpower. It will certainly be interesting to see Apple’s response.

Check out Samsung’s trailer for the S4 Here:

Adam Heyes


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