Student Intern: Bryony

May 29, 2013

Hi there,

I’m Bryony, the new student intern who will be working at The Dairy for a couple of weeks getting to grips with working life in Marketing and Design.

Currently I am in my second year at the University of Nottingham studying International Media and Communications Studies with a sprinkle of Spanish, I have learnt about plenty of theories of intercultural communications, cultural politics but would prefer to get involved in the practical side of things. I have always had a creative spark, from finger-painting and writing short stories as a child to creating my own art using Photoshop as a hobby. I used to have the desire to be a journalist but have since become more interested in advertising, particularly interactive media, so this experience is the perfect opportunity for me.

I have to be honest that up until now I have never worked formally in an office before, so this is all fairly foreign to me. After baffling over the hold button on the telephone and the amount of touch-screen buttons available on the photocopier, I am managing just fine. Apart from this I do have experience in other areas that have enhanced my communication skills; I am a part-time swim instructor at the weekends which as you can imagine is incredibly fun and active. As well as this, I volunteer for ChildLine as part of the school service in which I deliver school assemblies and interactive workshops. Both of which require me to be very enthusiastic, so I am keen to wholeheartedly put forward all of my ideas and efforts to contribute to The Dairy.

This experience at The Dairy will allow me to gain a professional insight into the everyday of an advertising agency, and give me opportunities to get involved in live projects for clients. Hopefully it will give me a step into the creative industries and offer more opportunities for work experience in the future. Aside from this, I have had the convenient excuse to splash out on some new jazzy work clothes!

me ^^^

Student Intern: Bryony Latham


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