Art and Design Degree Shows 2013: Nottingham Trent University

May 31, 2013

After the dairy received a glamorous and well put-together invitation to the Art and Design Degree Shows 2013 held by Nottingham Trent University, I (Bryony) was lucky enough to be sent on an outing to represent the dairy and report back on the event. Over 1,300 students in their grand final year of university showcased their original work and talents from all tangents of design: Fine Art, Photography, Fashion, Architecture, Graphic Design, Product Design and Theatre Design.

Throughout the exhibition the presentation of innovation and fresh talent was abundant. For me, this was especially distinct in the Graphic Design division. The task to theme the exhibition was set for the students; Bird Watching. In the middle sat a Bird Watching hut with binoculars to boot to hint to the idea that each designer is similar to a unique bird which is watched with fascination. This was a clear display of imagination and creativity which gave credit to each of the designers work. Although no awards were given, a special mention must be made to Hannah Jack’s product design that was ‘Twist It Up’, a twisting bottle for aromatic bitters that puts a spin on the average cocktail.

And to the theatre design division which really brought me back to my visit to the set of The Making of Harry Potter in Watford, it was truly enchanting. The care and attention that must have been devoted to the creation of the puppets in particular was amazing. I take my hat off to the girls who created the puppets in the trees which made for the conception of ‘Hands Up If You’re Lost’ music video; Charlotte Ball, Inmaculada Cook, Emma Terrel and Sophie Wheat.

Overall the event exhibited designs that displayed influences from many different cultural backgrounds and sectors of the creative industries. Accompanied with the exhibition was a buzzing atmosphere of new up and coming successful designers that will soon be flying the nest of university to build their own exciting careers. So here at the dairy we wish Good Luck to them all!

'Hands Up If You're Lost', music video and 'Twist It Up'

‘Hands Up If You’re Lost’, music video and ‘Twist It Up’



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