WIFI Tractor at Glastonbury Festival

June 28, 2013

Glastonbury festival of Performing Arts is the biggest in the UK, with around 150,000 lucky people with tickets to attend annually. This year the festival sold out in less than 1 hour and 40 minutes, proving that these tickets are hot property. Headlining this year include: The Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys and Mumford & Sons.

With Glastonbury being one of the most rural parts of the country and holding the biggest arts festival in the UK, Michael Eavis, the organiser of the festival has the challenge of helping festival-goers keep connected to the outside world without compromising the farmland setting.

The solution to this is the WIFI tractor, a 4G WIFI hotspot. Converting the traditional tractor into a hub of communication is an innovation that has provided high speed internet access to festival-goers of up to 10 metres away. This is supported by network provider EE who will also tweet regular updates of the whereabouts of the WIFI tractor, so that staying connected is no longer a hassle at Glastonbury.

WIFI Tractor at Glastonbury

WIFI Tractor at Glastonbury


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