Student Intern: Alex Papadopoulos

July 2, 2013

Alex - blog photoHi there!

My name’s Alex and I’m lucky enough to be the newest intern at The Dairy! A little about myself – Well; aside from having a last name with enough syllables to give a dyslexic a migrane, I’m unfortunately not the mystery Mr Papadopoulos who owns the laundrette in the much loved soap opera Eastenders! Although wouldn’t that be great; the mysterious cameo-role ditches acting to make his way in marketing! Although, from what I can see during my first two days here at The Dairy is that I couldn’t have stumbled into a better place to start my first internship. Much to the relief of my Dad, I wasn’t milking cows on my first day; frankly, I didn’t know what his beef was and told him to stop talking udder nonsense. I’LL STOP WITH THE DAIRY PUNS!

I’m currently a third year Marketing, Communications and Advertising student at Sheffield Hallam University and still to this day believe it was the best decision I made. The university experience is incomparable to anything I could’ve ever expected and I hope it has given me the foundations to have a successful career in marketing and advertising. The intern work at The Dairy has been so much better than expected. Much to my pleasant surprise, I wasn’t twiddling my thumbs playing solitaire, I was stuck in straight away!! Nigel runs The Dairy like a slave driver, cracking his whip, beating a drum and screaming orders while the rest of us cower huddled in the corner…This couldn’t be further from the truth!!!!

The whole team here has been nothing short of amazing, making me feel welcome from the moment I stepped through the door and taking time out of their seemingly busy schedule to help and guide me with day to day tasks given to me. There’s a really positive vibe here; a close knit team with good rapport and a strong work ethic. To those of you still reading my near-lunch-time ramblings, congratulations, you’re now in the minority! Day number two at The Dairy – absolutely loving it!!


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