Alex – Tesco’s Loyalties Changed – For the better or worse?

July 5, 2013

In the bitter wake of a disappointing financial year by Tesco’s standards – the leading supermarket chain has reconsidered their true priorities. With ASDA and Sainsbury’s both qualifying as market challengers and forever trying to drag Tesco into a price comparison war; Tesco have taken the initiative and recognised that building a stronger relationship with consumers by offering a new and redesigned loyalty scheme may actually be the answer to their troubles.

Tesco claim to have focussed more on building the “emotional loyalty” between themselves and regualar shoppers; moving away from the traditional and functional approach to loyalty cards. The scheme, aims to provide a revolutionary service not seen yet in the grocery retail market and plans to build upon “Clubcard TV” which was launched earlier in the year, giving members the option to stream film and TV content. As well as this, “a wider range of localised rewards for Clubcard so that members can redeem points and rewards against thing like meals in local restaurants as well as national chains.”

It all makes sense really; the old method left consumers often pondering the return upon their investment and feeling restricted in their choice of options to spend earned points. It’s great to see Tesco have changed this and surely means the scheme can only get better in time!

We at The Dairy loved this! It reminded us of our constant approach to existing customers as well as our open mind new ones. Loyalty to us means an attentive consistent service and never sacrificing these strong brand values for personal gain.


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