Apple ads: Not at their best

August 1, 2013

Everybody knows the make ‘Apple’ but unfortunately Apple has made a downturn. When the apple producImaget’s first began to be released they were the ‘craze’, makes such as Samsung and Microsoft have been forgotten about, because let’s face it. Apple had everything laptops, iPods, iphones!

Things are starting to turn around for Samsung and Microsoft, it has been stated that there has been a huge difference in videos shared; Apple ads been around 183,609 times where as Samsung ads have been shared 2.37 million times and Microsoft at 1.36 million. This is an extortionate change around.

This downfall is due to the amount which has been spent on advertisement Apple spent $1 billion where as Samsung and Microsoft want to up their game and spent more! Below is a pie chart showing the percentage of shares due to this change in the past year. 



This is interesting to see and proves that advertisement for all businesses whether there well known or not, it is crucial for success. As well as a constant new update of products for example, Apple have not had a big release since the ipad mini in October.  

The iphone7 is on its way though, so it will be interesting to see what difference that makes!!!


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