Latest Intern: Ellie Wainwright

August 23, 2013


ImageHi, my name is Ellie, and I’m currently an intern at the Dairy. I have only recently finished my GCSE’s and received my results yesterday. I now plan to take math, English combined, art and economics as my A-level choices. Having only started at the Dairy today, I feel very welcomed and am excited for the experiences I will face in the forthcoming week.  Already I’ve been thrown in the deep end, but this will provide me with a true reflection of the business.

I expect that coming for an internship at the Dairy will provide me with a wider knowledge into the business world of management and marketing. I hope this will help me make a decision on the sort of route I would like to go down in the future. Recently I have had experience in the branding department at boots after just breaking up from school. The opportunity taught me a lot about the boots business and products where I had a very enjoyable two weeks.

I have always loved being creative and putting myself in new environments with new situations, therefore I look forward to learning more about The Dairy business.


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