IOS 7- Heaven or Hell?

August 28, 2013

The ever innovative Silicon Valley giant, Apple is releasing its much awaited IOS 7 on September 10th.

However, is this the revamp Apple need to get back on track? Or as its share prices drop and Video shares in comparison to competitors, Microsoft and Samsung, circle the drain, is this the last bite left of a rotting core?

It’s clear to see that without the influential charisma of Steve Jobs at the helm, product innovation has diminished, and where once they were the superpower of the marketing world, spending billions on new campaigns and launches, at current time their pedestrian billion dollars is falling short of flexing rivals.

With Apple customers used to the anticipation of radicalisation in tech, queuing for days outside iconic store fronts freezing completely except for their ability to push a chip and pin device with the likes of the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and then last October the iPad Mini. IOS 7 combined with new improved devices could be the last roll of the dice in troublesome times.

But, what have Apple done to support this? Poured Billions into R&D from global experts in new tech solutions? To a large extent yes, holding on to their ethos with a shaking grip. But, the real issue lies in its lack of spend in a marketing campaign which is essential to dominating with an established presence. The simple concept of, if you don’t educate the consumer, the consumer won’t know springs to mind. So, if Apple doesn’t start to open its pocket, it may lead to further loss in market share, share prices, and their seemingly untarnishable reputation may be one in need of a few billion dollars worth of repair.

I’m sure it’s too early to say whether Apple is in steady decline. Maybe they aren’t if they unleash the funds in the fire to spend on a new and fresh campaign, once again radicalising the face of the planet with an innovation as yet still behind the curtain. But, with big dominating players wearing down Apples dominance, such as Samsung and Microsoft who are splashing the cash, as well as fresh-faced Google building for the Project Glass launch, it’s clear that unless IOS7 rolls a 6 with customers Apples lack of marketing investment will be blamed, and shareholders are not forgiving!

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