Shared Photo Albums on Facebook

August 29, 2013

This new way of sharing photos will be a much easier and effective way of showcasing the ‘Party Last Weekend’ or your ‘ Amazing 2k13 summer’. With this brand new feature you no longer need to visit the Facebook pages of every attendee to view the pictures they took. Instead, just simply create a shared album. All pictures in one place, Simple.

Just this Monday the new feature was announced, a feature that lets up to 50 users contribute pictures to the same album.  It’s the most innovative way of sharing pictures amongst friends and family quickly and easily.


You might be thinking: “How do I set up a shared album?” Well, it’s really quite simple, only a few extra clicks are required!

After the normal routine of downloading photos into a new album, you’ll see a button in the lower right hand corner reading “Post Photos”. At the top of the next page, you will have the option to make the album a shared album just by clicking on the button in the top left hand corner. You will then be able to search for, and add up to 50 of your Facebook friends as “contributors” to the album. You may also want to attend to the privacy settings.

Then, if you ever need to go back and edit your album, this is also a possibility. 

 A New Innovative feature, full of endless possibilities…

 Exclusive, Exciting, Easy



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