Hi from Emily!

September 9, 2013

Hello to all those browsing the dairy blog, today is my first day working with The Dairy and already I feel my next two weeks should be a fantastic experience. Nige, the Managing Director, and Kay, Project Manager, have been warm from before even setting foot in the door; literally! – Thorough directions were given over the phone to me, after getting off at the wrong bus stop, guiding me straight into their welcoming arms. I am the latest student working with the company having just finished my first year studying Marketing, Design and Communications at Nottingham Trent University. As it is coming to the end of the summer I was led to believe the workload would be dying down however I have been informed they will be keeping me busy from start to finish and so far this has proven to be true. (Damn). I contacted The Dairy for work experience earlier in the year after being chiefly impressed with its quirky website and references to all things cow related. I now understand that this offbeat theme is actually because the company originated on a dairy farm – makes sense! And they have kept it with them ever since. I also understand, after browsing some of their case studies, The Dairy believe in environmental sustainability and are continually looking for ways to improve their systems, another pull factor for me to work with them. It wasn’t until meeting with Nigel, prior to being accepted as a future intern, that I discovered the company was reasonably small in size, forming a faultlessly friendly community at  Park Lane Business Centre. This attracted me more to the company as I felt I would have the opportunity for a more hands on approach to the Marketing and Design I am looking to gain experience in, without feeling afraid to ask any questions. I look forward to working with the teamemily singleton over the duration of my internship, already feeling part of the family and can imagine it will be sad leaving such a lovely team of good workers!

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