The Weirdest Time of the Year

December 13, 2013

Good Afternoon! Hope everyone’s had a wonderful week and are properly getting into the festive spirit like I am! This weekend I’m going to put my Christmas tree up, it’s finally time.

However, have you ever stopped to think about how odd it is to put a tree up in your house every year? And more to the point, where does it come from? There was no Evergreen with fairy lights at the birth of Christ.

In fact, the Christmas Tree isn’t a Christian symbol at all. It dates back to pre-Christian times.


When you stop to think about it, Christmas is actually a pretty weird holiday. It’s a mismatch of different traditions that have merged together to create a family occasion of good food and presents. We can thank Coca Cola for styling the main guy of the day, Santa Claus, and let’s not get started about where he comes into the story.

The original connotations of Christmas have been somewhat muted in favour of this jumble of traditions which have moulded themselves over the years to be the commercial Christmas we all know and love.

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