Cow of the Week

November 22, 2013

Good afternoon everyone! We at the Dairy have had a very busy week and our Cow of the Week represents us today.

You might have guessed it, I bet it’s how you all feel by Friday. That’s right, this week’s Dairy Cow of the Week is … (drum roll)… Tired Cow.


Tired Cow symbolises the real Friday feeling. Tired Cow is not excited or jumping around singing TGIF, no, Tired Cow does not want to go out tonight in the cold. All Tired Cow wants is to wrap up, collapse on the couch and watch Eastenders. And Tired Cow is not embarrassed to admit it.

Tired Cow we empathise with you. We’ll see you on the couch with mugs of Hot Chocolate!

10 Years Ago Today…..

November 22, 2013

I remember it like it was yesterday. A bright Autumn Saturday morning, a peaceful lounge with the new wide screen TV tuned in to the Rugby World Cup Final. Australia V England….. could it get any better? The anxiety and fear, knowing that those pesky Aussies always seem to pull it out of the bag when they need to. But we had our our secret weapon – Jonny!


Re-live it here –

I shall be spending most of this afternoon doing just that!!! Nige

Cow of the Week

November 15, 2013

It’s Friday at last and we’re midway through November with Christmas creeping up on us faster than Usain Bolt. Don’t panic though, we won’t have a different Christmas cow for the next five weeks. We’re not the bovine equivalent of the advent calender.

Cow of the Week this week is even further away than Christmas, you could even say that they’re out of this world. Yes, this week’s winner is … (drum roll) …. Space Cow.

space cow

Space Cow has been elected in honour of all the space delights suddenly hitting our screens. I’m talking about the new Clooney/Bullock blockbuster gravity, the upcoming episode of Doctor Who (goodbye Mr Smith), and Brian Cox’s fascinating and mind boggling look at the Science of Doctor Who. (I’m not quite sure what you said Brian but it all sounded very impressive).

Space Cow, even though your chances of getting up there are about as high as bumping into George Clooney when making a cup of coffee (damn those Nespresso adverts), keep dreaming. You truly put the fiction in sci-fi.

Dairy Radio Special

November 12, 2013

For those of you that missed it this morning, here’s the link to Nigel’s radio interview this morning, with Andy Whittaker on BBC Radio Nottingham:

Nigel raises an interesting point in discussing the new John Lewis Christmas advert, a mini movie that cost a whopping £7 million to make. What are your views on #HareAndBear?


john lewis_0


Do Tune in

November 11, 2013

How are you fixed for Christmas spirit? I know it’s a bit early, but no one seems to have told television that, everywhere you flick to there’s Christmas movies and the annual department store festive ads. 

As it happens, our MD Nigel Rowlson will be appearing on BBC Radio Nottingham tomorrow (12th November 2013) between 7.40 and 8.00 am to discuss these high budget annual Christmas adverts from our favorite department stores and supermarkets. Please do tune in!


Cow of the Week

November 8, 2013

Hello everyone, well thank goodness it’s Friday again.  Time for Strictly, X factor and heavy calorific food (after all it is winter).

It’s time for The Dairy Cow of the Week and this week’s winner is … (drum roll)… Historic Cow.


historic cow

Historic Cow has been crowned the lucky winner in homage to Bonfire Night. Yes, many years ago, (in 1604) on the tuesday just gone, Guy Fawkes failed to blow up the houses of parliament. Historic Cow, in all his majesty, is relieved all the celebratory fireworks are over as they frighten his people. Really when you commemorate historic events, one must consider the cows.

Our apologies Historic Cow, we’ll bother you again at New Year.

It’s near impossible to deny that the increasing digitalisation of the modern age isn’t handy, I’ve often wondered what people did before Google, but there are a few downsides.

The last few Blockbusters are closing in the US, it’s officially the end of an era. Although it is more convenient to browse on Netflix or Sky in your own home when looking for a movie, it doesn’t have the same sense of occasion that visiting Blockbusters had. I’m  already feeling the nostalgia for the day when we’ll all go ‘remember when …’, but in a world based on how fast and easily anything can be done, the video giant really couldn’t compete.

It begs the question of what’s next to go, books and newspapers are being slowly phased out by their e-equivalents. But it’s not all doom and gloom, although some things may be leaving us, there’s still the thrill of what’s yet to come.


Hi everyone, I’m Alice the latest intern here at The Dairy. I’m currently a 2nd year student at De Montfort University studying Digital Marketing and Social media so the work The Dairy does is right up my street.

At the moment I have a part-time job as a mascot for an estate agency in Leicester. This involves walking around in a huge dog suit, distributing stationary and avoiding any strange people that try and approach the red dog (me). Not the most glamorous job so I definitely feel like I’m going up in the world here at The Dairy, I even have my own desk!

This is my first day and so far so good, people are great and there’s a lovely buzz around the office that puts you in a great mooood (had to attempt one cow pun, don’t judge me). It’s a really busy week in the office but everyone still has time to explain things and I feel like a proper member of the team especially with Sophie opposite giving me the supportive thumbs up when I successfully answer the phone. Nigel’s already warned me that I’m going to be thrown in the deep end but nothing to cower away from (a more subtle pun, I must say). All in all having a great time and I’m really excited for the rest of the week!

Until we meat again (I just can’t stop),


Cow of the Week

November 1, 2013

Hello there! It’s Friday again and that can only mean one thing. It’s time for the Dairy cow of the week.

This week’s winner …. (drum roll)…. Startled Cow!

startled cow

Like many of us out there, Startled Cow is, well, startled that it’s not only Friday again, but November!

Where’s summer gone? Where’s the daylight?

Well here’s to the next eight months of winter that we’ve all been looking forward to.

Wrap up warm and get your torches ready for five O clock.

Try not to be too startled, Startled Cow, like the mad one with the knife in the movies, we all knew winter would come back.

Spooky Spending

October 31, 2013

A recent New York Times article has noted “Halloween in Britain has … become the third-biggest event after Christmas and Easter in terms of consumer spending”.[i] In 2001 Halloween sales in Britain amounted to £12 million and this year spending is estimated at a staggering £325 million.[ii] It seems from a marketing perspective, between the temporary seasonal branding and campaigns, Halloween has become a goldmine.

Whether your company directly profits from Halloween by selling token fake blood or novelty masks, or whether you just get into the spirit by altering your home page to witch or vampire for the week, like Google, or even tweet a picture of your own (proudly) carved pumpkin, you can capitalise on Halloween.  Although it is likely this drastic increase in spending can be partially attributed to the recession ending, the growing popularity of Halloween in our lovely country could be due to it having an obligation-free fun, like no other holiday. And if we can have fun in business it’s all the better. 


[ii] Ibid. 

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