Cow of the Week

October 25, 2013

Happy Friday, we hope everyone has end of the week smiles. Yet again it’s time for our Friday bovine extravaganza.

This week’s winner is … (drum roll) … Magical Cow.

Magical Cow

Magical Cow has been chosen for the very obvious reason that it’s nearly Halloween! There’s six days left to buy your costumes and barricade your houses against unsolicited munchkins (i.e. trick or treaters).

If Magical Cow can get in the spooky spirit then so can we!

Magical Cow I tip my pointed hat to you.

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Cow of the Week

October 18, 2013

It’s the penultimate Friday of the month and winter is stretched out hopelessly in front of us for the unfortunate and foreseeable future. Though the weather may seem bleak, we have something to brighten your day, it’s time for our Cow of the Week.

This week’s winner is … (drum roll) … Oblivious Cow!

Oblivious Cow

Now, it was a tough call this week, but Oblivious Cow has been chosen as a reminder to us all to soldier on despite the heavy loads we carry.

Oblivious Cow, you have shown us how to keep our heads down and get on with our jobs, blissfully unaware of anything else which could hazardously distract us.

Carry on Oblivious Cow, don’t let life get on your goat.

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Cow of the Week

October 11, 2013

Friday again folks, that means it’s time for the award you’ve all been waiting for. Not the Oscars, not the BAFTAs but … Cow of the Week!

This week’s winner is … (drum roll)…. Runaway Cow!

runaway cow

Runaway Cow symbolises the squashing need to escape that we all have. Runaway Cow has done what we are too sensible to, she has packed her things and headed off. To where? Who knows! But she has gone to pastures new (in her case, quite literally new pastures).

Good luck Runaway Cow! We wish you luck in your new field!

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And the award goes to . . .

October 11, 2013

Get your best dress and dust off that old suit, because tonight’s the night of the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce Best Business Awards 2013 at the Belfry Hotel. I’m delighted and honoured to have been asked to judge and present the award for Marketing Campaign of the Year. I’ve been practising my speech in the mirror for weeks and I’m itching to get that golden envelope in my hands, this must be how Stephen Fry felt before hosting the BAFTAs this year. The Dairy is incredibly happy to be sponsoring the marketing awardand we want to wish all the nominees tonight the best of luck and a wonderful evening.


Cow of the Week

October 4, 2013

Good Afternoon and TGIF! It’s time for our Dairy Cow of the week!

I know what you’re thinking, how could Wannabe Cow possibly be topped? But we’re nominating a new winner this week nevertheless.

This week’s top Cow is … (Drum Roll) … Rebel Cow!

rebel cow

Rebel Cow has been chosen as a symbol of the Friday spirit. It’s the weekend, it’s time to let our hair down, go dancing, get a piercing, spend Sunday regretting Saturday’s piercing and trying to make ourselves decent again for Monday morning.

Rebel Cow we admire your weekend spirit, even if it’s not that practical outside of the field.

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Sad Local News…

October 3, 2013

It seems to be the end of an era in terms of local industry in Nottinghamshire. FJ Bamkin – a local independent sock maker that can trace its family roots back 200 years has finally succumbed to modern economic pressure. The company has been wound up with the loss of 45 skilled jobs in Hucknall after diminishing orders from the MOD and a huge bad debt when Blacks Leisure went bust recently. The dairy worked with the brand some years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the relationship – particularly the larger than life character that was the MD – Andrew Hamilton……

Read more here –

 The dairy team is delighted to see our client Nottingham City Transport’s Easy Peasy campaign around Nottingham, you’ll find them on bus stops and phone booth’s around the city – see how many you can spot!

 Here’s a few shots to get you started! 


The World of 3D Printing!

October 1, 2013

A huge dairy thanks to the Ingenuity Programme from the University of Nottingham for their presentation this morning.

Professor Chris Barnatt always gives good value when he speaks – but today’s subject of 3D printing was exceptional. He covered the advances in recent years to his predictions for the future – 3D printing is really starting to have an impact in all of our lives and it won’t be long before we see compact 3D printers in most offices. You can see more here – Barnatt

Cow of the Week

September 27, 2013


The Dairy’s farmhouse origin is something that is taken very seriously. it’s reflected in our name and logo. Now the commitment is going a step further, we pay homage to the great dairy producers, it’s time for our cow of the week.


This week’s winner is (drum roll)…. Wannabe Cow.


Wannabe Cow has been chosen for abundantly clear reasons. Although clearly born a dog, Wannabe Cow strove for the black and white patched glory sported by our grass chewing idols. We admire your commitment and perseverance, Wannabe Cow, you have truly shown us all what it means to achieve our dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem at first. Here is our toast to you.

Freshers Fair!

September 25, 2013

The dairy team has just been along to the University of Nottingham Freshers Fair to check out the various goodies we provided for the Nottingham City Transport stand. The place was as packed as usual and the pizza was as good as usual – we suspect the NCT team had more than their fair share…NCT But the best use of balloons award goes to the local taxi firm – Balloons

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